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Time art is an auction house located in Toronto, where we showcase our precious treasure. Since COVID-19, we started to auction online monthly under consideration for the health and convenience of our customers. We warmly welcome you to visit our premium showroom or browse on our website.

Free appraisal

We offer free and professional appraisal onsite. Contact our specialist to have your cherished antiques carefully examined.


Unlike other auction houses, we not only hold auction, but also sell our cherished collectables. To buy on our website, Facebook or come to our showroom, simply contact with us.

Our Story


It all started with the owner, Mr. Lv, who has a genuine love to be surrounded with history and culture. With the tremendous adoration of Chinese antiques, he developed a whole collections of artwork. While antiques are all too often surrounded by the air of mystery, creating a sense of distance that could be difficult to overcome. He opened Time Art auction house to showcase his collection, as these fine creations are often seen in the context of an extraordinary object that is far from daily life. Although these incredible creations can command enormous attention, their meaning often gets lost in the shuffle to appraise, market, invest and evaluate.

Troubled by artwork covered and stored away in vaults far from the public’s eyes; antiques shelved and often forgotten, Mr. Lv’s auction house provides a premium display for them.

These treasures have an indescribable sense of charm precisely because they reveal the full potential of the human capacity for creation and creativity; this belongs in daily life, not in a storage facility. The ability to create derives from the same life force that flows through every human being. This inspirational way of looking is as important as the artwork itself. After all, art exists within interactions of perception.

Time Art is an auction house located in Toronto. This is an established venue for exposing artistic works in many mediums to the public. These works of art come from many eras, and our collectors are well-represented in established circuits, but we also champion the art of emerging collectors. Our mission is to provide a positive engagement that makes a wide range of artistic works accessible to the public, through our online and on-site venues.

These artistic pieces display a diversity of backgrounds, styles, and price points, creating the most accessible range for as many buyers as possible. We are always available to answer questions about buying and selling process for the auction. We can also provide practical information about art appraisals, hours of operation, and other queries.

Our collection from China is especially remarkable, featuring extraordinary pieces from antiquity up through the last century. The personalized auction is one of our finest innovations that are highly engaging and rewarding.

It keeps buyers and sellers returning to Time Art for another timeless experience of exploration and discovery. Time Art provides a complete platform for sellers that features an international client database and services. Time Art places the highest value on each lot sold to ensure the best auction outcome for your property.